What in the world is ramtell?

ramtell.com was created in the 1990's after the frustration of being forced to change personal email addresses a couple times led to the idea of getting our own domain and mail service provider. (Remember this was before The Cloud, before Google even.) I went with ReadyHosting based on nothing more than a good feeling; they have provided excellent service and (rarely needed) technical support.

I highly recommend ReadyHosting for your web hosting and email needs.

We both retired in 2014 and since then have been working on simplifying our lives. Because Donald's career was in the realm of computers and networking, our home network became complex far beyond necessity. As we approach 70 years old, we have talked about what would happen if Donald fell off the perch first. The answer is, Nancy would not have a clue how to manage the network.

With the rise of The Cloud and things like Google Gmail and Apple iCloud services, we have decided to let them do all the management. So we are going to let ramtell.com go into the great bit bucket in the sky effective January 2019.

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